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Current Top 5 Bands

For my first Tumblr post I decided to do something short and sweet, and that is to list my current top 5 bands.

This changes every now and then as I feel there is just too much good music to have a constant list.

  1. Sonic Boom Six - First saw SB6 in 2007 or 2008 supporting Reel Big fish and have been hooked ever since. Recently started getting the recognition they deserve and are going to take 2012 by storm with their brilliant mix of styles and genres, and the fact they boast an amazing live show.
  2. Zebrahead - Brilliant Punk-Rock band from California, been around a long time now, and are well known. If you don’t know them check them out, simply brilliant.
  3. The Skints - I recently found this lot due to tweets from Sonic Boom Six, and instantly fell in love with their sound and style. Their debut album Live, Breathe, Build, Believe is a wonderful piece of Reggae, and I advise everyone to get it.
  4. Reel Big Fish - A mainstay of my favourites ever since I first heard them at the age of 13. One of the best live bands I have ever seen, always producing brilliant performances, and I should know, seeing as I have seen them 5 times in 7 years. For my money, the best Ska-Punk band of all time.
  5. Pearl Jam - This spot is always changing, and it could have easily gone to Bad Religion, Mad Caddies, Metallica, [Spunge] or numerous other artists. Pearl Jam have been going strong for 20 odd years now, and are as good as they have always been. If you don’t know them, then your music catalogue isn’t complete.